Unit 3
Example of Student Work
Independent Research Project

To have the freedom to guide your own learning into areas that are of interest to you is empowering and a privilege.

Use this opportunity to begin brainstorming in regards to an area or topic that is of special interest to you
In order to ensure success, a few guidelines are being offered to assist you in the process:

1. The project must be music related. i.e. Music History, Genres, Song Writing, Audition Preparation, Music Business,  etc.

2. The project must involve a degree of research to push your knowledge of the subject

3. The project must be measurable and well documented


Step 1

Project Title

  • What is the name of your project?


Step 2

Project Description

  • What topic do you want to know more about?

  • What information is relevant to what you want to know?  

  • What information is irrelevant to what you want to know?  

  • How will you know the difference?  


Step 3

Project Rationale

  • Why did you choose this particular topic?

  • How will this topic strengthen your goals as a musician?

  • Do you anticipate Project A & Project B to be related or separate?


Step 4


  • What kinds of places might hold interesting knowledge about your questions?  

  • Whom might you want to access to better understand your interests?

  • Provide 3 preliminary resources you have discovered through initial exploration


Step 5


  • Fill in specific goals to accomplish by creating a weekly timeline using the following the Proposal Dates(i.e. memorize five major scales, create lyrics to original composition, memorize the bridge to Tears in Heaven, etc.)

  1. Project Proposal Due 

  2. Research & Artifacts Due 

  3. Project Presentation & Reflection Due 


Step 6

Creative Work and Presentation

  • Describe how you are going to present your project (oral, written, multimedia presentation, artifacts, performance, etc.)


Step 7


  • What specifically will make your project a success?


Step 8

  • Fill out the Proposal Rubric either in Notability or PDF(rotate clockwise)

General Self Assessment

Step 1

Assessment Framework

Completely=5, Sufficiently=3, Partially=1, Total=45

  • Identified an Interesting & Measurable Question/Topic

  • Justified Application of Project to Benchmark Goals

  • Pondered Resource Harvesting

  • Identified Multiple Sources to Aid in the Research

  • Developed an Estimated Timeline and Sequential Flow

  • Established a Plan for the Presentation of Knowledge

  • Predicted Variables of Success

  • Completed the Proposal Rubric 

  • Completed General Self Assessment



To receive credit for this assignment please submit the URL of your Unit 3 in On-Campus by the indicated due date


Julie Freebern