Research & Artifacts A
Example of Student Work
Research and Artifacts

Step 1

  • Use your Research & Artifacts A ePortfolio to store a variety project resources(articles, images, videos, links, interviews, recordings, etc.)

  • Cite your Sources(authors, locations, human resources, etc.)

  • Include a minimum of 10 Artifacts


Step 2

Please answer the following:

  • Describe your thoughts, feelings and/or opinions regarding the resources you have collected.

  • What was the most important and/or valued resources you gathered?

  • What resources were you already familiar with?

  • What resource surprised you the most? Why?

  •  What percentage of resources and artifacts directly relate to your proposal A?


Step 3

  • Fill out the Research Rubric either in Notability or paper version to reflect your self assessment


Assessment Framework

Completely=5, Sufficiently=3, Partially=1, Total=30

  • Demonstrated a Variety of Resources

  • Cited Sources

  • Posted 10 Artifacts

  • Described Resource Responses

  • Completed Research Rubric

  • Connected material to the Proposal A


Additional Factors

Use the Due Date Links posted in Getting Started to guide your assignment submissions which will be factored into General Work Habits Assessments for each unit throughout the semester



To receive credit for this assignment please submit the URL of your Research & Artifacts A ePortfolio in On-Campus by the indicated due date