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Midterm Presentation

Step 1

  • Demonstrate the achieved Midterm Goals you outlined in Unit 1(5 Know & 5 Do) using Google Slides, Keynote, Powerpoint, Prezi, etc. EXAMPLE of Student Work

  • Embed video, audio, images, links & narrative to augment your presentation to include the following

  1. New things you now know about your instrument or voice

  2. Tools & resources that were most helpful in gaining new knowledge(knowing)

  3. New things you now can demonstrate on your instrument or voice

  4. Tools & resources that were most helpful in building new skills​(doing)


Presentation Reflection​​

Step 1

  • Comment on your ability to follow your sequential step-by-step 7 week micro plan created in Unit 1

  • Did you encounter any obstacles in time management? If so, explain.

  • Were there any surprises or detours you experienced in gaining knowledge or building skills?

  • Were you able to accurately measure your successes and achievements?

  • What has been the most rewarding aspect of your learning experience this semester thus far?

  • What are you most excited about for the second half of this course?

Learning Habits & Course Reflection​​

Step 1

  • Use the following materials to answer the reflective questions below

  1. Your Self Regulation Inventory 30 True/False in Getting Started(Review)

A.  Reassess the 30 true/false statements for the self regulation inventory located in Getting Started. What is your current ratio compared to your initial one?

B.  How has your thinking about your thinking(metacognition)changed?

C.  Rate your current confidence in navigating an independent blended learning environment using a scale of 1-10(under confident-confident).

D.  What aspects of work habits do you consider to be your areas of strength?

E.  What aspects of work habits do you consider to be your areas of needed improvement? 

F.  What strategies do you have to overcome challenges for the second half of the course?


Step 2

  • Briefly review the assignments you have submitted for Units 1-5

A.  Comment on the quality of work reflected in your ePortfolio(Google Doc, Wix, Jimdo, etc.)organization, attention to detail, accessibility, etc. 

B.  Will you continue to manage the work reflected in your ePortfolio as you did for the first half of the course or do you plan on changing it up for the second part of the semester? If so, how?

Step 3

  • Please help us sculpt the next phase of the course by providing feedback, suggestions, etc. related to Unit Content, Adjunct Staff,, ePortfolios, On-Campus, Workflow, Due Dates, Remote Learning Tools, etc.

Assessment Framework

Completely=5, Sufficiently=3, Partially=1, Total=40

  • Demonstrated Midterm Goal Knowledge

  • Demonstrated Midterm Goal Skills

  • Provided Resources for Knowledge & Skills

  • Utilized Video, Audio, Links, Narrative to Enhance Presentation

  • Provided Midterm Presentation Reflection

  • Provided Self Regulation Inventory Reflection

  • Provided Work Habits Reflection

  • Assessed Quality of ePortfolio; Strengths/Improvements/Changes


To receive credit for this assignment please submit the URL of your Midterm ePortfolio in On-Campus by the indicated due date

Midterms copy 2.png


Julie Freebern 

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