Example of Student Work

Step 1

  • Complete the Work Habits Rubric either in Notability or paper version to reflect your current areas of strengths and areas of needed improvement for the second half of the semester


Step 2

  • Review your Self Regulation Inventory in Getting Started

A.   Comment on how you addressed the weaknesses you identified and/or how you overcame challenges in regards to achieving success this semester thus far

B.   Reassess the 30 true/false statements for the Self Regulation Inventory.  Compare your current ratio to your initial one.

C.   Will you approach the process differently for the second half of the semester?  If so, how?

D.  How has your thinking about your thinking(metacognition)changed?

E.  Comment on the outcome of these self assessments as it relates to the quality of your work flow thus far

F.  What has been your greatest strength?

G.  How can you compensate for weaknesses?


Step 3

  • Review the Benchmark Goals you set for yourself in Getting Started; What is it that you hope to know and/or be able to do at the conclusion of the course?

A. What were your intended results?

B.  What were your actual results?

C.  What caused your results?

D.  What will you do the same next time?

E.  What will you do differently?


Step 4

  • Briefly review the work you have submitted for the first half of the semester

A.  Comment on the quality of work reflected in your ePortfolio relating to areas of strengths as well as areas of needed improvement

B.  Will you continue to sculpt the work reflected in your ePortfolio as you did for the first half of the course or do you plan on making changes for the second part of the semester?


Step 5

  • Please help us sculpt the next phase of the course by providing feedback, suggestions, etc. related to Unit Content, Adjunct Staff, Wix, ePortfolio, On-Campus, Workflow, etc.


Assessment Framework

Completely=5, Sufficiently=3, Partially=1, Total=20

  • Completed Work Habits

  • Made Connections Between Self Regulation Inventory & Semester Work

  • Reflected on Benchmark Goal Achievements

  • Assessed Quality of Work Located in the Manila &  ePortfolio; Strengths/Improvements/Changes


Additional Factors

Use the Due Date Links posted in Getting Started to guide your assignment submissions which will be factored into General Work Habits Assessments for each unit throughout the semester



To receive credit for this assignment please submit the URL of your Midterm ePortfolio in On-Campus by the indicated due date