Step 1

  • Review the Benchmark Goals you set for yourself in Getting Started; What is it that you hope to know and/or be able to do at the conclusion of the course?  

A.  Comment on your semester achievements in relation to your initial goals

B.  How well did you achieve your goal?  What goals were met?  What goals were not met?

C.  How well did you avoid sources of interference to stay on task?


Step 2

  • Provide a brief narrative regarding your private lessons with one of our adjunct staff members to include the following;​

  1. Describe what your lessons looked like in general.

  2. In what ways did you find your mentor helpful?

  3. What were your three biggest takeaways from your lessons?


Step 3

  • Use the following Rubric to guide your responses regarding your semester achievements

1.  Work Habits 

A.  Identify areas of strength

B.  Identify areas of needed improvement

C.  What strategies might you use in the future to overcome these challenges?


Step 4

  • Briefly review the work you have submitted for the second half of the semester

A.  Comment on the quality of work reflected in your ePortfolio as well as the content of your manilla folder

B.  Did you modify your portfolio approach for the second part of the semester or repeat your approach from the first part?


Step 5

  • Answer the following questions regarding the future use of the course material

A.  Identify 3 of the most important concepts or skills you learned in this course

B.  Explain why you perceive these concepts or skills to be important

C.  How do you anticipate using these concepts or skills in the future?


Step 6

  • Please provide some advice and words of wisdom for students taking this course in the future


Step 7

  • Please help us sculpt future classes by providing feedback, suggestions, etc. related to Unit Content, Adjunct Staff, Wix,  On-Campus, ePortfolio, Workflow, etc. 


Step 8

  • Return instruments

  • Clean Lockers


Assessment Framework

Completely=5, Sufficiently=3, Partially=1, Total=30

  • Private Lesson Instructor Assessment

  • Reflected on Work Habits

  • Reflected on Benchmark Goal Achievements

  • Assessed Quality of Work Located in the Manila &  ePortfolio; Strengths/Improvements

  • Reflected on Future Use

  • Provided Advice to Future Students


Additional Factors

Use the Due Date Links posted in Getting Started to guide your assignment submissions which will be factored into General Work Habits Assessments for each unit throughout the semester


To receive credit for this assignment please submit the URL of your Final ePortfolio in On-Campus by the indicated due date