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Unit 9



Example of Student Work
Project Presentation & Reflection

Step 1

Embed your Project via Audio/Video Recording, Keynote Presentation, Prezi, Power Point, Google Slides,etc.

Step 2


Step 3

Answer the following reflective questions:

  • Did you change your topic or focus during this project? If so, explain.

  • Were you able to stretch yourself to learn more on the topic or did you find that you relied only on what you already knew on the topic?

  • In what way have you grown and/or met your goals as a result of this project?

  • Describe the resources/information on your topic that were most helpful to your understanding of the subject.

  • Comment on your ability to follow your sequential step-by-step plan and your time management in preparing for this project.

  • Did you change the presentation format you planned in the proposal or did it remain the same?

  • Did your predicted elements of success from your proposal match the outcome of the project?

  • What was the greatest benefit/most rewarding aspect of this project?

  • Describe specific challenges, disappointments or regrets related to the project process and/or product.

  • If given the opportunity to re-do this project what aspects might you change?


Step 4


Step 5

  1. Describe their project

  2. Was their topic new or familiar to you?

  3. Cite 1 take away you had from their project

Assessment Framework

Completely=5, Sufficiently=3, Partially=1, Total=60

  • Demonstrated Related Topic

  • Demonstrated Learning/Mastery of Topic

  • Demonstrated Attention to Detail Free of Factual Error

  • Demonstrated Application of Research via Supporting Materials

  • Reflected-Question/Topic

  • Reflected-Multiple Sources 

  • Reflected-Sequence & Timeline

  • Reflected-Process & Growth

  • Completed Presentation Rubric

  • Completed Reflection Rubric  

  • Completed Peer Reflection

Final Presentation Consideration

Step 1

  • Consider how you will demonstrate the following for the final presentation using iMovie, Google Slides, Keynote, Powerpoint, Prezi, Live, etc.

  1. Your Favorite Warm Up

  2. Your Favorite Technical Skill

  3. 2 Songs


To receive credit for this assignment please submit the URL of your Unit 9 ePortfolio in On-Campus by the indicated due date

Screenshot 2019-12-30 21.16.16.png


Julie Freebern 

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