Nuggets of Wisdom


  • "Assume that a voice is a medium classification until it proves otherwise"


  • "Most of the students who enter voice studios are mezzo-sopranos or baritones by the law of averages"


  • "For most singers there are fewer dangers in singing too low than there are in singing too high"


  • "A professional singer should have a usable two octave range in order to sing most of the literature written for his or her classification"


  • Range: is concerned with the total compass of a voice part or singer.


  • Tessitura: is concerned with that part of the range which is receiving the most use


  • "Singers with very wide ranges often have to make a choice. The decision should be made, in part, on the basis of which tessitura proves to be more tiring"


  • "It is interesting to observe that the most obvious transition occurs in the lower part of the female voice (middle voice to chest voice)and in the upper part of the male voice (from chest voice to head voice)


  • "It has been observed that as a general rule, persons with high voices tend to have round faces, short necks, large chests, and short in stature, while those with low voices tend to have long faces, long necks, flat chests, and tall stature"


  • "It is accepted that vocal fold length is a primary determinant of voice type"


  • "Continued singing outside of your best range eventually will take its toll"




Julie Freebern