Julie Notes/Lists

  • Concert Memo/Order

  • Concert Lyrics/Text Sheets

  • Riser Order

  • Lights/Mics

  • Block out First Row, some Z and side balcony

  • Water Pitchers

  • White Tables

  • Granola & Fruit

  • Plants

  • Posters

  • Reserved Signs

  • Fab Back Door/Performer Signs, Ropes, Block off Downstairs

  • Assembly Announcements, Bullhorn & All-Student/All-Faculty Emails, On-Campus Message Center

  • Consider pre-recorded or live announcement regarding Live Stream Audience Etiquette

  • Concert Attire Bars, Boxes, Lists, Accessories, Socks/Hose


Concert To-Do Jobs

Mics=Jim Raposa

Lights=Jim Raposa

Attire=Julie Freebern

Live Stream=Kevin Morrison & Bill Muench

Ushers=Julie Freebern

Box Office=Jim Raposa

Parent Help; Lobby, Music Room & Vocal Room;  Kim Vogel


Box Office

*Close Tickets Sales Last Block

*Cash Box

*Print Seats

*Copy Blank Ticket Stubs


Box Office 6:00 (5:30) Jim Rasposa

Box Office 7:45 (7:15) Jim Raposa


Ushers 6:00 (5:30)​


Ushers 7:45 (7:15)​


Concert Village Jobs 

Bus Greeters:



Main Level Lobby:

Attendance/Phone Calls@4:30: 

Attire Requirements/Fires@4:30 : 

Hallway Shepherd@4:30: 

Pre-game Check List@4:30: (Gum, Cell Phone, Line-Up): 

Post-game Village Jobs@9:00 Manager: 

Post Concert Attire Zoo@9:00:  

Trash & Lost and Found@9:00

Riley Center Balcony Clean-Up: 

Riley Center Lower Audience: 

Riley Center Lobby/Programs:  

Riley Center Lobby Girls Bathroom:  

Riley Center Lobby Boys Bathroom: 

Performance Area/Pit: 

Downstairs Hallway Clean-Up:  

Treble Clef Bathroom: 

Bass Clef Bathroom:  

Girls Dressing Room: 

Boys Dressing Room:  

Music Room: 

Vocal Room: 

Dance Studio: 

Tech Lab: 

Practice Room 1 

Practice Room 2 

Practice Room 3 





Balcony & Ramp Chairs: Soprano 1

Band Chairs: Soprano 2

Stands: Altos


Post Show To-Do

• Return Tables to Box Office

• Return Pitchers to Blue Tubs

• Match Shirt, BT & CB #'s

• Attire to Boxes

• Boxes to DFR

• Bars to Claudia

• Snack Reserves

• Email Thanks

• Set Classroom Chairs

• Recycle Programs

• Attire Fixin's to DFR

• Fix Attire Problems

• Print Refreshed Attire Lists

• Clean Folders


Julie Freebern