To Do

  • Reserve Locker Rooms

  • Cleaning Request for Locker Rooms

  • Program Data to Oscar

  • Time Line & Memo to Students

  • Email and Portal Blasts to Students & Families

  • Assembly Announcements

  • Final Interim Comment Data

  • Secure Kim

  • Concert Attire Lists

  • Senior Trivia

  • Pins & Mug

  • Extra Bags for Trash in Music Room, Vocal Room & Locker Rooms

  • Snacks & Cups for Music Room & Locker Room


To Announce

  • Senior Parking Lot Closed

  • No Cell Phones in Performance Areas



Music Student Snack Plan prior to First Show-Music Room

  • Raisin Boxes, Veggie Platter, Crackers

  • Cups for Water


Music Student Snack Plan for in between Shows-Locker Rooms

  • BYO Bag Dinner

  • Granola/Energy Bars, Banana Bunches, Apples

  • Cups for Water


Concert Attire

  • ALL BLACK LEGS & FEET; Pants, Skirts, Socks, Hose, Shoes

  • List by Numbers & List by Ensemble Names

  • Shirts on Bars in the Vocal Room


Overlap StudentsBand & Dance


Chorus & Dance


Chorus & Drama(5)


Notes to Self
Separate Call Time & Places for Warm-Up
Earlier Call Time
Bandos start down stairs due to instrument cases
Cases can stay in lockers or go to locker rooms
Personal items/food can stay down stairs until places for 1st show then be moved to the locker rooms
Attire prior to call time or during scheduled pre-pin time
Rain/Heat Plan
Good to have Audience Seating Zones
Reconsider wording of doors open up 15 minutes prior to the performance
Reconsider Lobby musician quality time
Free up sides of gym and aim to use ends instead
Consider shorter time span in between shows to avoid a 2 hour break; momentum, supervision, food, etc.
Good to have Live Stream for Dance/Drama first show to project in the gym
Good to have the light snacks vs. potluck
Good to use just shirts(no BT or CB) LEAVE HANGER ON THE RACK!
Rethink amount of programs printed vs. need
Consider 45 minutes for Part 1 & 45 minutes for Part 2
Reconsider floater position/need
Sparse Travel sooner........right after the trip


Notes from Others

  • Cross pollination+

  • Adjust amount of time in between shows to be more than year 1 and less than year 2

  • Pacing of gym lobby with gym viewing

  • Gym lobby=transitional

  • Gym=Specific performance time vs/ rotation

  • RC lobby=quiet rest space

  • Never have the opportunity to rehearse in the space so the first show is more like a dress rehearsal

  • Variables in acoustics, balance, audience etiquette

  • Have chips at the break

  • No BT or CB was good, also sleeves rolled under elbow and top button undone

  • Aim to livestream 1st show during break

  • Audience snacks were a hit

  • IF you are late to a performance do not join in

  • Resting zones were appreciated

  • Performer etiquette during breaks, down phones in gym

  • Keep art up for quiet museum like viewing on Sunday

  • Gym=hot, RC=cold



Julie Freebern