Nuggets of Wisdom

  • "Many vocal faults result from the lack of coordination"

  • "The main guides of the singer are sensations"

  • "The more ways you can surround a problem, the better chance there is that you will find a solution"

  • "The body functions better when certain conditions exist"

  • "Good posture allows the skeletal framework and the muscular components of the body to fulfill their basic functions efficiently, without any undue expenditure of energy"

  • "The best remedy is movement"

  • "Good posture can be psychological asset to the singer"

FM Alexander

  • Arm Pulls Keeping Your Shoulders Down

  • Elbow Pulls Keeping Your Neck in Line

  • Chair Twists

  • Head Twists

  • Stand by Leading with Your Crown

Singing Posture

  • Bring Folders to Aligned Singing Posture

  • Place one foot slightly in front of the other

  • The ideal feeling is that your legs are ready to move at all times

  • Pulling back on the knees restricts the flow of blood back to the heart and brain (a major cause of fainting)

  • Sitting is Standing from the Waist Up

  • If Sitting, Plant BOTH Feet on the Floor


  1. The feet should be planted on the floor, shoulder width apart, one slightly ahead of the other to balance your center of gravity.

  2. The knees should be slightly bent for a secure stance-you also are less likely to pass out if your knees don't lock.

  3. The hips should be level and in line with the feet and head, not protruding and not shifted up or down.

  4. The back or spine should be straight and tall.

  5. The chest should be expanded and held high from the sternum. 

  6. The shoulders should be back and down, neither tense nor drooping.

  7. The arms should hang at the sides in a relaxed manner, slightly bent at the elbows. 

  8. The fingertips of the hands should be on the sides of the thighs-unless needed to hold folders.

  9. The neck should be relaxed and in line with the spine-ears over shoulders.

  10. The head should not be tilted to one side or the other but should resemble a Cobra or Swan.

  11. The chin should be parallel to the floor.


Sitting Without Folders

































Standing Without Folders

























Sitting With Folders

















Standing With Folders
























Julie Freebern