Before the Gig

  • Fill out Event Request Form for Franci

  • Make announcements for 2 weeks about auditions

  • Announce with live demo the details of the event

  • First come first serve until 20-24 spots are taken through an informal audition process with a due date

  • Keep mic in vocal room; stage presence, mic technique, performance and audience etiquette

  • Parent Phone Calls for Goodies

  • Contact Gary Baker

  • Contact Oscar; Day of Live Stream Info


  • Discourage teenage angst in selection

  • Proof Lyrics/Content

  • Encourage DANCE, DRAMA, FILM, etc.

  • Provide clipboard script/flow for EMC

  • Provide clipboard flow with tech needs to Stage Managers/Tech Crew

  • Dress Code/Sticker Tags for Ushers

  • Copy/Provide Programs

  • Cash for cashbox (singles and fives)

  • Put a sign on main door with cost

  • Stickers/Music Stamp on Hands

  • Have Neil take pictures if Gary can not come

  • Live Stream/Live Feed Titles on the Screen with Pre and Post Show Image/Music

  • Live

Meeting Notes

  • Stickers/Stamps for All

  • Programs for All

  • Welcome Cast and Crew

  • Rapid Fire Sound Check in Concert Order; Mic Lesson

  • Belongings Downstairs/Seats

  • Approach Stage during applause of previous performer; two way traffic

  • Enter/Exit in between selections


  • Set Up/Clean Up (names)

  • Mature, Classy, Professional

  • Live Feed/Live Stream


  • wait for my cue to start the show

  • practice pronunciation of names & titles

  • decide on who will say the following

  • Welcome to Calliope Fall 2014

  • 45 performers tonight, more than half are new to Calliope

  • Show support by managing media (note we are live streaming)

  • If you need to exit or enter the RC during the show do so IN BETWEEN performances; Note Door/Stair Noise

  • FREE post performance reception in the lobby for everyone

  • Opening-Thanks for coming and enjoy the show

  • Closing-Thanks for coming and enjoy the reception in the lobby


Oct 2012(Thursday Rowland) $615

Feb 2013(Tuesday Rowland) $569

Oct 2013(Friday Rowland) $499

Mar 2014(Friday Riley) $620

October 2014(Friday Riley) $751.00

April 2015(Library)


Julie Freebern