Equipment Needed

•Guitar Amps & Guitar Cables

•Bass Guitar Amps & Cables

 Acoustic Amp & Cables

•Cables & Speakers

•White Computer Adapter, VGA Cable, Extension Cords & Power Strips

•Video Camera

•At least 4 Mics and Mic Stands(check clip sizes)

•Monitors, Speakers and Cables

•3-4 Music Stands

•2-3 Stools


•Piano & Sustain Pedal

  • Piano Bench

  • Drum Set

  • African Drum Tambourine

  • Back Track Computer

  • Cash Box-Jenn

  • Cups, Napkins

  • Water Pitchers

  • Programs for Tables

  • Flow Charts for EMC, Tech Crew & Stage Crew

  • Tape, Dry Erase Marker

  • Clipboards

  • Sign $3.00 & $5.00

Meeting Notes
•Stamps for All
•Programs for All
•Welcome Cast and Crew
•Rapid Fire Sound Check in Concert Order; Mic Lesson
•Belongings in Green Room/Chairs set in the Pit for Performers
•Approach Stage during applause of previous performer; two way traffic

•Hello Mic Test/Close to the Mic

•Acknowledge applause

•Places at 6:25
•Enter/Exit in between selections
•Set Up/Clean Up (names)(jump in or see me for a job)
•Mature, Classy, Professional as an audience member and performer
•Live Feed/Live Stream

• Have a great show

•wait for my cue to start the show
•practice pronunciation of names & titles
•decide on who will say the following
1 Welcome to Calliope Spring 2015
2 # performers tonight, many are new to Calliope
3 Show support by managing media (note we are live streaming)
4 If you need to exit or enter during the show do so IN BETWEEN performances
5 Thanks Betsy Bleakie and the Manchester Community Library


Oct 2012(Thursday Rowland) $615

Feb 2013(Tuesday Rowland) $569

Oct 2013(Friday Rowland) $499

Mar 2014(Friday Riley) $620

October 2014(Friday Riley) $751.00

April 2015(Tuesday Library) $538.00

October 2015(Friday Riley) $705.00

February 2016(Friday Library) $694.00

October 2016(Friday Riley)$576.00

April 2017(Thursday Inn)$654.00

October 2017(Friday Riley)$361.00

March 2018(Friday Equinox Hotel)$669.00

October 2018(Friday Riley)$411.00

October 2019(Friday Riley)$385.00




Ryley Senecal 379-5438

Garren Aberth 571-612-0123


Other Thoughts on the Library Venue

Consider NOT using tabels and just use black chairs

Reception before and after

If using tables, use the brown chairs

Use black chairs for performers in the middle and back room patrons

Consider ambiant lighting with the Birch Trees

Bring equipment for Live Feed

Hire Jimmy!

200+ guests

Man the RC doors/cash box for entire show

20+ folk arrived up to 45 minutes into the concert

Food ratio 16/17

Drink ratio 5/17

Thoughts on the Inn Venue from Kim

  • I’m not sure if this was happening, but a body to help guide parking as we hit the busy 6:15-6:30 time frame is a good thing.

  • Directing people to last-minute seats would be helpful (this could be done with another parent volunteer) – I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the cash box to help out here

  • The door person may want to advise people to help themselves to the food when they arrive.  I think some people didn’t know when it was OK to eat.  My bad.

  • Perhaps adding 10-15 more chairs to the count.

  • A couple people asked for coffee.  I think the only way this could happen would be with the premade coffee boxes available at Dunkin, Starbucks and possibly Maplefields.  It looks to be about $40-50, so not sure if it’s worth cutting into the earnings.  I’m happy donating either the cheese/crackers/grapes or the coffee and could even ask if we can get the coffee donated by one of the stores if you think providing coffee would be a good idea.

  • Comments on the lighting – the microphone shadowed the performers faces due to light placement

  • Good comments – venue feel, intimate, special, nice amount of baked goods




Julie Freebern