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General Information

All-State Music Festival

2019-2020 Vocal Audition Selection Recording


Vocal Selection Rehearsal Resources


Sightreading Resource 


Sightreading Examples

Sightreading & Scale Tools


Vocal Adjudication Process

Vocal Audition Procedures

Vocal Audition Rubric

The Audition Fee, Student Travel and Medical Release Form


Audition Help Sessions

  • D, E & Flex Block

  • Friday December 6th & 13th 1:00-2:00


The Audition

  • Saturday, January 18th Champlain Valley UHS

  • Round trip transportation provided

  • SNOW DATE January 25th


All-State Vocal

Finuala Cree(Soprano 1)

Jack Fiocco(Bass 2)

Will Morell(Bass 2)

All-State Band/Orchestra

Will Addington(Bass Clarinet)

Ann Cyr(Clarinet)

Iren Hangen-Vazquez(Cello)

All-State Jazz

Ellery Stahler(Sax)

Amos Smithwick(Guitar)

Will Addington(Piano)

Composition Competition

Evan Hosley

Scholarship Competition

Iren Hangen Vazquez(Cello)

Cindy Chen(Piano)

Lisa Li(Piano)

Finuala Cree(Voice)


All-State Audition Day

Saturday, January 18th Champlain Valley UHS

Check the following list before meeting the bus in the lower circle at 9:00 a.m.

  • Vocalists: All black attire of your own choosing-let me know BEFORE Saturday if you need to borrow BBA attire

  • Instrumentalists: Optional black attire-let me know BEFORE Saturday if you need to borrow BBA attire

  • food & drink

  • $ in case we stop along the way

  • water

  • Instrumental ORIGINAL Music Manuscripts(no photocopies)

  • Vocal Folders if needed/Original Vocal Music/Pitch Sources (J. Freebern)

  • Anticipated Return to BBA:


Festival Information

  • The Festival Participation fee ($80), Extended Trip Form & VMEA Medical Forms(available online) due by Thursday, February 13th.

  • Festival Music Help Sessions during D, E and Flex Blocks-TBD

  • This year's festival will be held at North Country Union High School

  • One way transportation provided from BBA-transportation home from the concert should be arranged prior to the festival

  •  Host families will be provided

  •  Jazz Band=May 6-8

  • Band, Chorus & Orchestra=May 7-9(due to travel time we may go up with the jazz students on the 6th)

  • Visit the All-State Handbook and/or manager letters for concert attire requirements, festival schedule, ticket and concert recording information and directions to the performance venue


Special Considerations

  • Possible conflicts with AP testing with the festival dates(see your guidance counselor for more information)

  • The BBA Spring Musical is the week AFTER the festival



Julie Freebern 

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