1. Off Campus Trip Permissions Slip Off Campus Permission Slip

  2. Medical Release/Insurance Information Medical Release/Insurance Information

  3. Extended Trip Eligibility Form Extended Trip Eligibility Form

  4. One copy of your birth certificate

  5. Two copies of your passport; inside cover with photo and inside back cover (keep one at home as well)

  6. One extra passport photo

  7. $110.00 payable to BBA Activity



Give Maureen Harvey a copy of the invoice from EF Tours. She will need the tour number, name of the tour, your scholarship amount, and your name to pay EF Tours directly.



1.  Names -Make sure your name matches your passports- if notyou need to call EF’s customer service at 800-665-5364. Please note middle names and initials are a new requirement as per the TSA.Payments: Reminder that those on the Monthly Payment Plan should be aware thatall EF Fees are due. You can make payments onlineor via customer service (1-800-665-5364).Departure fees are the only part of the total cost not due at 110 days prior- they aredue 35 days prior to departure. If you have questions about payment please contact EF customer service at 1-800-665-5364.

2.  Please start checking that you have submitted your emergency contact informationto EF Tours (this can be done through customer service or on your personal traveler site).

3. You must notify EF directly if you want special meals on the tour and plane- (vegetarian, etc).

4.  Optional insurance is available directly from EF for up to 75 days before departure.



Everyone will need passports that are valid up to six months after the date we return. Please do not wait to apply for a new passport, or to renew an existing one as we will need two color copies with the inside page with your photo, as well as back inside cover. Please confirm that your name on your passport and your EF Tours account name are identical, (first, middle, and last name, as well as birthdates). This is so when EF issues the plane tickets your name will match the electronic airline ticket. It will cost money to change your name after the tickets are issued, so please check now. Contact EF Tours customer service at 800-665-5364 with any changes. Manchester Post Office takes photo ID’s and has passport applications if you still need to get one. To be safe, your passport must be valid up to 6 months from departure date. Passbook fees $135 Adult Renewals & $110 Minors (under 16) $105 Passport Guide



This is a neck pouch worn inside coats and clothes to protect your passport, money, and student ID. Fanny and belt type pouches are not allowed. You will need to have passports and ID’s on you at all times. Pouches may be purchased in most sports stores, Northshire, Target, or on-line. I bought mine at Target for $9.99, and we ordered a few on-line from Amazon for less.



Students are allowed one carry on luggage (22x14x9 with wheels) and one personal item, such as a backpack, that fits under the seat. It is handy to bring a folded bag inside luggage for gifts. When we know the air carrier we will know the exact dimensions, but these dimensions are a guide from TSA. We carry on our luggage to fit in the overhead compartment.We will be given our Airline information 30 days prior to departure.



We have found that a debit card is a great way to get money-set up an account-be prepared to have a minimum of $350.00 for spending money and lunches (although there are people who do it for less and those who spend a WHOLE LOT more!) ($20-60 dollars per day is recommended, we can find fast food, or other inexpensive lunches, and we have even brought baggies to breakfast to take an extra roll for a snack! We have changed dollars to Euros at People’s United Bank here, they have a transaction fee built into the cost of the $. Last February the rates were: Euros-rate of 1.39 ($194.70 USD = 140 Euros). There is no other charge, but order ahead of time as it takes a couple of weeks. It is helpful to bring about $50-100 Euros to Europe, and get the rest from the debit machine while there. VERY IMPORTANT: You must alert your bank that you will be using the card in Greece for the dates we will be there, so they will open the card for use.b.


  • TIPS

As with any other “service” industry (hotel, travel, restaurant) tips are expected. EF recommends $10 a day to cover tips for our bus drivers, tour guides, tour leader, and city guides, approximately $110 for the 10 days. We will be collecting the money ($110 in cash or checks made out to BBA) so we can distribute the groups’ cash tips as required.c. 



Burr and Burton does not provide the bus to the airport and we will let you know what you need to pay for your contribution of the bus ride when we know the amount.



  1. SPECIAL MEALS: You must notify EF directly if you want special meals on the tour and plane- (vegetarian, etc).

  2. Optional insurance is available directly from EF for up to 75 days before departure.

  3. Wristwatch: It is critical to be on-time for every meeting!

  4. Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes.

  5. Electrical Adaptor-for any hairdryers or battery chargers you may be bringing (Radio Shack) - be sure to check different countries for different adaptors.

  6. Phone or Camera-chargers or rechargeable batteries.

  7. Bring hats, gloves, scarf, small travel umbrella, socks, bathing suit-just in case!

  8. Waterproof/repellant warm coat- layers are good.

  9. Jammies. Mix and match pants and sweaters/shirts. (pack 4 or 5 outfits for the 10 days). 1 nice outfit-just in case, khakis for boys, dress/skirt for girls, casual is fine.

  10. 1 quart size zip baggie and sample size toiletries- Rite-Aid has them -look for the small plane on the container for travel size approved items.

  11. Any medication required and the basics like vitamins, pain and cold medicines within check-in standards, tissues, band-aids, etc.

  12. A journal.



Tour Leader Work Space

Europe April 2018


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